DOnt cha LOVE coming back to shit like this?
OMG PPL GET A GOD DAMNED LIFE! Some people just.... ARG. I was compling some instances in my head and well shit it just gets better and beter dont it? All of the f-list drama that has affected SEVRAL of my friends. And EXPECIALY ALL OF THE SHIT ON egl that is OH SO un-needed.....(SOOO sick of loli-tist). Since everyone whats to be so finicky then get this:

Some definitions people on lj need to memorize (thanks to webster's and other sources):

tact n.
Acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending.

Abuse n. v.

1 :to attack harshly with words
2 :the infliction of physical or emotional injury
3 :a verbal attack

dead n.

1 :What yo ass is gonna be when I get ahold of it if this shit dont stop.
2 :the state of non-living


(sorry for those who dont knwo already please ignore....)
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omg wtf alive??


*crawls out from under all of my paper assignments*
I have been WAY too busy X_X *dies* my composition class is killing me.... We are finishing our final thesis papers and our last oral presentation of the semester. ON TOP OF THAT I hve sooo many photos to develop *now loathes darkroom work alone....* and a happy ass reasearch paper to fufill...aneway.....
my plan is to finish ALL of my assignments this week so I can come back here to bother all of you again! I have been trying to keep up with everything but I cn only get on at school for a bit during the day. So I am going to barage you all with comments to make up for what I lacked.

I have been up to that. What has everyone else been up too?????

sorry all... But in other news: I will make a large post when I have more time.... I have a lot to tell everyone! WOOT!

but the best part is......... Today is my birthday!
I wonder what I got from boyfriend 6_____6 gir! He is teasing me about it......Tonight I am going to Texas de Brazil *yumm*. OH and of you sign up for your birthday online you can eat there free on your b-day. So if you want a lovely meat filled meal I would suggest you cart your ass over to the site on your birthday. I also wonder what mom got me.... I hope today isnt a disaster like most of my past birthdays. I am birthday cursed. Mom says I get it from my dad, isnt that a great trait to get?
*remembers to write my reflection on 4-13-99* <- dad related.... dont worry you will get it later.

Well I hope I get some packages later today! (Waits on portch for Angie's gift and the dreaded white AN*TEN*NA rocking horse shoes) ^_^ yes I did end up buying them thanks to mommy giving me a paypal gift for doing some things for her. (yea just enough!) I am SO excited about them! I cant wait for my black pair to come in from my lovely friend who ordered them for me *glomps* you know who you are!

ok I need to finish reading this book and write more note cards for my quotes... tedious very. Oh and catch up on emails and comments that I need to reply to (SOOO SORRY I HAVE BEEN SLOW)

there will be more birthday posts later!
(also remind me I need to make a public photobucket for updates)

because I love ya,
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X_X papella bleuse


sorry not much of an update. I need to go buy a new lion battery for my camera so I can do a major piccy post. *sigh* kind of bla today and I have been working on my paper topic (this is harder than I thought). I have a headache in the back of my head.

I was thinking about more crap to add on to the store (yay for cherryxarsenic for working on my uber cute layout!)

if I bought a vBulletin fourm (it is like cosplay.com's fourm) and made a japanese fahion board would you guys use it? I am going to ask egl too. I dont want to spend alot of money and then have no one use it ;V_V; what do you think?

I would love another fourm so play on! but I need to know if it will be appealing to other whores like us ^_~.

tell me what you think.

(ps I dont feel good say something to make me laugh and get a hug)
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putumayo love! (This is the last one I promise!)

OMG! I am in love!

This is my outfit! I love every piece of this cordinate! Bday gift to myself? OH MOMMY! (and she would look at me and say FUCK NO GIRL YOU STUPID???) I do want that outfit. All of the pieces are so versatile! and good for many outfits. I think that is why I LOVE putu and BPN (bpn whores unite!) I LOVE all of the pieces I own that are putu (my pirate-y socks arrrg thanks pantheria!, my putu top, and soon to be my new skirt!!!) Lol it is growing like my meta and bpn collections ^_~.

This outfit is very sexxsay too! I would sooo work in this:

The thing I REALLY like about that jacket is that the chest is big enough that I could just wear it zipped up to under my breasts and it would look great! and the skirt just makes it!

Oh and othe wants from putu:

Well the first is obvious.... Ties are the bee's knees... if they have knees. Also ties can be worn around the neck and as a bitchin belt! the second is an AWESOME portfolio bag perfect for the art student in need of a bitchin portfolio! *looks at my boring portfolio* V_V I need to fix that....
The pink bag is just too ciute to not want! and finally the belt with the chains and the pearl strands. OMG! I love that ^_~.

and of course who would I be without wanting the......

Ok ok I promise enough window shopping for me! -today...-
much love
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meta stuffs *must resist*

This is where I chant
*I will not spend more at metamorphose I will not spend more at metamorphose I will not spend more at metamorphose*

This dress is sooo beautiful. All of the sailor series is just lovely. But of course: My boobs are too big for any of it. I can wear all of their skirts but there is no way in hell I can wear a blouse with a 36 inch bust..... *CRIES* oh well less money spent at my end. I might end up making something like it for myself ^_~.
I do like the Punkma Camou series too *eyes one of the skirts* yumm. I might in the future(doubt it need to save my moneies ^_^ <- good girl kati) to get both of these in pink:


arent they cute and they would look adoreable together!

ok enough dreaming......
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strange morning, contest thoughts, and some other crap

Well it is official my mother thinks I am insane.
cut for stupidityCollapse )

Anyway. I have decided a contest is in order. I dont know why but I cirtainly feel like it! I made a fresh batch of loli acessories last night so I might use them as a prizes. OH I also made some fabric wrist band bracelets out of some of my kimono scrap fabric. They are AWESOME! I will start selling those as soon as I take piccys of them! So I will add those and some other things I made tonight or tomorrow.

So what kind of contest should I hold for my selling journal? Something weird..... hummm. any suggestions? random drawing? design competeion? photo contest? ideas please?

X_X crap I have a dr. appt today, and of course That is going to take forever, so I am brining some things to hand sew. Anyone want anything in particular? I also need to call the place where I order my fabric... two of my orders are late and that is pissing me off.
oh and I have been assigned a research paper and I need to think of a topic.

ok I need to get to work on my topic choosing ^_~ my last two presentations were on lolita and FRUiTS style. That was fun but I really love writing about deep topics that arent just another obsession of mine, beacuse as many will know I can argue a point till the death.

More posting when I can think.
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hey babies!


omgwtf I am back??? Sorry loves I had to take a break and sadly spring break is ovah for me.... le sigh. I missed you guys ^_~ you know I did! This week was well interesting.... at least I got alot of work done (and made some money!)
I also finished some of you baby's comissions and wow I am sooooooo proud of my self! I am due for a major piccy post soon!

X_X *sigh* well aneway in other news. I will make some f-only posts later about my issues (just cant let anyone hear about that crap right?). OH! my mommy's best friend Evalinda and her husband Randy came over to visit this weekend from Chatanooga! Evalinda is the coolest eveh. Her daugheter is getting ready to have her second baby! (if I had a sister it would be Sara.) Her son Noah is the CUTESTEST thing ever! When she has the second one I want to steal him for my self! I am not sure if Jeremy will like that tho..... ^_~. He is in the terrible twos heehee. Me and mom are thinking of names if it is a boy or a girl any ideas?

Well Randy gave me a gift card for FYE as an early b-day gift and I bought Magical Shopping arcade Abenobashi.... omg it is so damn trippy! I love it! *huggles Gainax gwedness* If anyone wants a copy of the first 4 ep I will trade you for a copy of another series! I am getting #2-3 as soon as I get my check! If you liked FLCL (LIKE I DOOOOO) then this will be a skanki treat. So if anyone wants to do an anime trade tell me and I will make you a list of what I have and we can have some anime fun!

OH!!!!!! I GOT MY BULK KIMONO PACKAGE! I ordered a bulk kimono package and omg I thought I was going to die it was better than xmas! I got so many wonderful things!
They look lovely with my collection. So now my kimono collection has alot more pieces! yay! I will have to take plenty of piccys of my kimono collection so you guys will get to see it. *proud* I need to take an "inventory" on what I had before I got the package. I might sell one or two of my haori so I can get another package tho So if you guys want to see them for dibs tell me before I post them. Then next package I order I might be gifts for friend sor something(if I can part with them!) They are just too beautiful.
(the count for what I got was: 1 baby vest *CUTTE*, 1 bolt of vintage kimono fabric that is to die for, a long peice of fabric that looks like it was painted for a Hōmongi, 4 haori, 1 apon, 3 Nagajuban, 1 men's kimono, 1 pink obi jime, a shibori koshi himo, 1 Michiyuki, 4 kimono.) I might have frogotten something... I am counting off of the top of my head....

Oh I got some great FRUiT-sy finds at the thrift this week! Some of the acessories I got are amazingly cool! I might have to do a decora shoot.
Today I am going to update my selling journal with more manga and some more clothes and stuffs so go check it outtt!

I will update with some interesting stuffs later........
much love
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(no subject)


Guess who was on my desk this morning? Here is who is on my desk this morning!

EDANIEL! YAY! This is edaniel #3's head. He is soooooo cute! I just love his face!(
his ears are still tucked in sorry X_X lol he hasnt been sewn shut yet!)
Is he not adoreble?

angie I am going to take a pic of the primed handcuff tonight!

Ok one more random thing before I get to the less interesting part of my posty:
mom bought me the COOLEST thing to make me feel beter:

ARENT THE AWESOME!?!?!?!? OMG! I LOOOOOOVE them! they are yummy too! heehee


Ok! Now back to the task at hand.... I promised a riveting story about my week (since I abandoned you...) BUT I dont want to type all of it so you will hear about it later.....
loooooong story short:
-I had to make 6 costumes for a shitty play at school in 2 DAYS *stress stress stress*
-I have another fab set of stomach ulcers...
-I started practicing my bellydance again and now remember why I love it sooooooo much!
-started colecting materials for my okobo!
-Ordered a bulk package of kimono from Yoko traing company! EXCITED! (it gets shipped tomorrow! OMG)
-made some wonderful new designs that need to be put on a slik screen. (I need to order some shirts, totes, and hoodies)
-finishing comissions and demo items
-I might be having a FASHION SHOW! With ALL OF MY DESIGNS! OMG!
-found a AWESOME punk store that sells IRREGULAR CHOICE SHOES! *SPAZZ*
-that store made me miss bing punk *cries*
-got some great new vintage dresses and some awesome vintage jewlery.
-and some stuff I cant remember right now ^_~

but yes! I have been feeling a little beter and not so bitchy! So I will spare you the angst and make a happy entry.
I have decided what the site will look like and me and cat are going to get to work on it!
Here is what it will include(might get edited if I froget something):
- loli
all sections: dress, skirt, purses/totes/wallets, cutsew/blouse/tshirt, acessories/headresses/suprises/ect, jewlery, and some thigs that are a secret! and cat's plushie comission page.
These secions will be on either a diffrent site or a seprate page(the loli page stands alone):
all sections: acessories, pre made outfits, comission info.

Ok the COMPLETELY new idea is that I am going to start making bellydance costumes and acessories again! I LOVE doing it and all of my pieces I sold on ebay sold VERY well. so that will be it's own section as well yay!
And for those of you that know bellydance well, I am mostly going to be making ATS things but I am going to do cabarett style costumes as well! I will be making tasslel belts, skirts, tops, coind belts and bras, custom orders, MANY acessories (can NEVER have too many) and of course custom hairfalls and dreadfalls! YAY! I am excited!
Me and Neese were talking too about what new stlyes we want to pick up. Since we do Tribal fusion style bellydance we have ALOT of choices. After a LOOONG discussion about merangue and tango steps we decided we were going to Fuse:
Traditional bellydance (middle east) with Geisha dance steps!
This is going to be so beautiful! I have already planed like 100 costume ideas and downloaded as much geish dance footage as I could (THANK YOU IMMORTALGEISHA.COM)

When we figure our routine and make our costumes I will record it so you guys can watch!
I need to go tale a test so in a bit so I am going to finish updating my selling journal and go ^_~

much love!
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POST 100! *cheer*

I am not dead! just dead tired..... and I am very suprised:


That might not be a big deal to you guys but I am suprised I kept it up this long! I use to hate this sort of thing but I have made some wonderful friends and have WAY more fun stuff! lol that isnt the point! Every one on my f-list thankies so much for being sweet to me!
you guys will get a LONG update tomorrow with piccys(yay!)!

OH! and I think I am getting the AN*TEN*NA rocking horse shoes from a special buddyeh!!!!
OOOOOMG!!!! awesome ne?
ok tomorrow I will tell u guys what is wrong w the world, what I have been up to, store update, selling journal update, what I am doing with my hair, I have re-taken up a hobby (I am a bellydancer once again!), many store demos are done, my big breakdown, my on the spot acting, and my "master" plan!

too much? we will see......

much love,
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Yesterday afternoon I went to the dentist X_X blech and got my retainer tightened and now that is ANOTHER reason i cant sleep. Man it hurts.
I worked one the Edaniel kittes last night again and am almost done painting the faces. Damn they are cute! WHat I need to do for all of them is: sew them together, stuff em, finish painting the details. Thye look beter than the first 5 I made ^_^ yay!

X_X I a playing a dating sim called ganguro IT IS HILLRIOUS! LOL X_X

ok I will ttly lovies when I have something interesting to say....
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